Our Story

We are Mike and Connie Jones. About ten years ago we started doing research into our food supply. We investigated how our food was raised how it was grown and the impact that it can have on our health. We where shocked at the levels of industrialization and toxicity in the agriculture systems in the United States and how that could possibly be leading to a myriad of illnesses including cancer, autoimmune diseases and food allergies to name a few. It was also having a deteriorating impact on our environment.

We thought there had to be a better way, that food shouldn’t be poison. There had to be a way food could be nutrient dense and great tasting at the same time. After finding The Weston A Price Foundation and others, which led us to a meeting with Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms we discovered that there was an alternative. In one of the talks I had with Joel he said, “I am trying to save America one farm at a time”. Tierra Verde Farms is one of those farms.
So in 2010 we purchased the land Tierra Verde Farms now occupies. Our goal was to start a farm that was sustainably managed, that humanely cared for livestock, that healed the environment and created great tasting food. In partnership with our community and our customers we are guiding our farm in this direction.


AS NATURE INTENDED... is our guiding principal.

At Tierra Verde Farm, ruminants (cattle and sheep) are grass-fed only grazing grass and hay as God intended them to eat. Our goal is to match, the best we are able, the herds of the Savannas of Africa and the North American Great Plains. This is where the large dominant ruminants moved daily for fresh forage and the smaller birds and omnivores follow. We mimic this environment by doing rotational grazing in our paddocks and having the birds or chickens follow behind the cows and sheep.

TVF is not a confinement farm, we provide shelter for our animals in the winter but are experimenting all the time with ways to allow them more and more freedom while helping to provide their needs and protecting them from predators. From March through late December everyone is outside and living the life they were meant to live naturally.

Livestock at TVF are not given hormone or antibiotic treatments on schedules. No medication is prophylactically administered but animals will be treated when they are sick, which is very infrequent with our methods. When animals are sick treatment always starts homeopathically first.

At Tierra Verde Farms we believe in basic, non-chemically enhanced environment and food. Our livestock live off of the environment and they fertilize it, symbiotic, simple and sustainable.

The Farm

Tierra Verde Farms is a small family farm in Deerfield, Ohio. It is our goal to grow the best tasting, nutrient dense, toxic free food with environmentally sustainable methods. We are creating a stress free environment for livestock and farmers alike. We believe you should know your farm, know your farmer and know your food, therefore we encourage farm visits and will be happy to show you around the farm whenever possible.

We also believe we are members of a community. We buy and sell locally. Our vet is from Mantua, our trailers from Deerfield and Salem, our diesel/tractor mechanic from Randolph, our videos are from Kent, our hardware store in Edinburg, we buy our lumber in Ravenna… you get the point. Whenever possible we buy from local vendors to help the local community.

We only sell locally as well. We don’t ship any of our food. We sell through our on farm store, small local retailers and local farm markets. We need to support the community that supports us.



Movement everyday in most cases is the key to sustainable farming at Tierra Verde Farms. The cattle and sheep at TVF which are all 100% grass-fed are moved to fresh pasture everyday. Through rotational grazing we maintain more productive grass and healthier livestock. We maintain hog paddocks that we rotate through by moving our pigs every 7-10 days. Chickens, both layers and meat birds, follow about a week behind our cattle having fresh grass daily as well.


As part of our symbiotic relationship with nature, calves and lambs are born in the spring and the fall when nature is providing enough rain to produce enough grass so our "moms" can produce the best milk.We only grow our free-range chickens and turkeys from April through Early November when forage is available for them to eat.

Quality, not Quantity!!!

Stock density is the most critical factor in sustainable farming. The cattle and sheep use only the pasture. We can grow only as many cattle as our land will support and we will not be growing past that. The land typically needs 45 days to recover after it is grazed or baled for hay. We are stewards of this land and take that role very seriously and will not over graze our land for short-term gain, so that it will produce a better tasting and healthier food that is better for the livestock and the environment.


At Tierra Verde Farms all of our livestock eat a very natural diet, grass only for ruminants and pasture and simple feed for our mono gastric animals (hogs and chickens). Our pastures are only fertilized with the manure our animals spread and compost not chemical fertilizers. We do not prophylatically treat any livestock or pasture with wormers, pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics. We treat animals when they are sick and with homeopathic methods first.


Tierra Verde Farms has an open farm policy! We want you to know us, your farmers and how we farm. We want you to know our farm and where your food is born and raised. We want you to know your food. We want you to see how it is raised and how it lives. We have no secrets on Tierra Verde Farms and we think it is important that you get in touch with your food supply.