How can I buy your products IN bulK?

We sell in bulk three different ways. We offer a bulk purchase program, we sell wholesale to retail resellers and restaurants and we sell whole, half and quarters of beef, pork and lamb.

How does your bulk purchase program work?

It’s as easy as coming to our store and buying any product. Let us know when you start to pick out your items. We will weigh every basket of meat you select. When you reach 50 lbs you receive a 5% discount, when you reach 100 lbs you get a 10% discount. The advantage of this bulk purchase program is you get to mix and match what products you want. So you can include beef, pork, turkey, lamb and or chicken. So if you have limited freezer space you won’t end up with a freezer of one type of meat. The second advantage of this program is you only buy the cuts you like to eat.

How do I become a wholesale reseller?

Just give us a call at the farm and I would be happy to come out to your establishment and discuss how we could best work together.

How do I order a quarter, half or whole beef, pork or lamb.

First we sell whole lamb, whole or half hog and whole, half or quarter beef. To order any one of these either come into our store or give us a call and we can take your order.

What happens when we take your order for a quarter, half or whole?

When we take your order for a quarter, half or whole, we try to give you a date when it will go to the meat processor. When the livestock goes to the processor we will call you to get your instructions for how you want your meat cut. Don’t worry about this if it is your first time ordering part of an animal. We will take you through the whole process. We can have you in the store and show you each cutting choice you have to help you make your decisions. At the time we take your cutting instructions we will take a small deposit.

Beef will then need to dry-age in a climate-controlled cooler for 10-14 days before being cut. The reason it is dry aged, is that dry aging helps tenderize the meat.

Cutting, packaging and freezing of your meat takes 2-3 days, if you choose to have any of your meat smoked this takes a few more days, so your order will be ready for pickup about 2-3 weeks after the date the livestock went to the processor. You will pick up the meat here at our store.